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ACast 1.0.9 released

Posted by acast on March 5, 2009

Add item bugfix.
Atom feeds support.

If you have any problems with ACast please let me know so I can try and fix them. I will also get an understanding of what is critical or not. Leave a comment here or send me an email (

2 Responses to “ACast 1.0.9 released”

  1. Great app, thanks. Does pretty much everything I was looking for. A few disconcerting bugs though:

    – Keeps hanging while I’m navigating between screens in the acast interface. Have to choose between force quit or wait on nearly every click. Error message: “Activity ACast (in application ACast) is not responding.” Options: Force quit, Wait. Luckily, if I
    select “Wait” everything returns to normal within a second or two.

    – Clicking on the radio icon in the “Add” section gives me nothing, ever.

    – Keep getting a notification informing me that there was a download error. Error message: “Unable to create dirs: /sdcard/acast/PRIs The World Technology”. Presumably in relation to a podcast I’ve subscribed to called “PRI’s The World: Podcast”

    However, am finding it very easy to add subscriptions, keep them up-to-date and listen on the move.

  2. nl502 said

    Acast 1.09 crashes when clicking the filter button.
    Android rc33 on tmobile g1.

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