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ACast 1.0.19 released

Posted by acast on April 15, 2009

Bug fixes:
Progress dialog may not close bug fixed
Single feed add/update timeout bug fixed
UpdateService stop “force close” bug fixed

New features:
Filter view: Random sort
Setting: Playlist repeat
Setting: Don’t show player on list item click
Show icon for playing item in sorted/item list.
Show icon for playlist queued items in sorted/item list.
Show icon for downloading items in sorted/item list.

5 Responses to “ACast 1.0.19 released”

  1. Ryo said

    Looks very cool.

    But I can’t add any radio stations from search. It shows a error like “Can’t add Null Protocol not found…”

    Also a “Mark all as read” feature would be very nice.
    Thanks a lot for this nice work.

    • acast said

      Yes, the shoutcast search is broken since shoutcast changed the layout/functionality of their web site recently. It’s still possible to add m3u pls URLs manually.

      Ill see what I can do about the mark all as read.

      Thanks for your input,

  2. bancbanus said

    I like acast very much, escpecially the simple and intuitive interface.

    Unfortunately acast has problems with reading some feeds,
    for example:

    It would also be nice if I could do a search for podcasts on (especially for german people).

    Anyway, you did a great job – thanks a lot!

    • acast said

      Parser has been updated to support more RSS feeds. I’ve tested that the two feeds you mentioned work.


  3. dfronck said

    I second that “mark all as read” feature! Great program.

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