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ACast 1.0.21 released

Posted by acast on April 30, 2009

Radio moved to main options menu
Shoutcast search disabled
Mark all as read confirmation
Filter limit
‘Update all’ progress notification icon
Feed list sort by date or title
Download as default setting
Cancel running update with shutdown
Sort/display by category
Setting: White theme.
Auto start scheduling on reboot
Store latest update date per feed


5 Responses to “ACast 1.0.21 released”

  1. Kevin said

    Great podcast app!

    A few suggestions:
    – Downloading podcasts over EDGE often times out and it occasionally does so over WIFI too. Can you increase the timeout or allow for downloads to be resumed?
    – I like to create a playlist of all my unlistened to podcasts and go through them all at once. I have a filter setup for this, but still have to queue each filtered item to the playlist individually. Could you add a menu button to add all items in the filtered list to the playlist (or better yet, clear the playlist and then add them)?
    – Make an option to remove a podcast from the playlist when it is done playing, such that when I finish my playlist of “unread” podcasts, the playlist is empty.
    – Make an option to download all new “unread” podcasts that show up in a full update.

  2. acast said

    Ill increase the timeout which is set as 8 seconds right now (possibly add a setting).

    Actually pressing an item in filter view should queue up items below it, amount is defined in setting ‘Auto queue amount’. If it does not it is a bug. I have 10 as the amount and that seems to work on my phone at least. Actually current playlist should be cleared when “short” pressing an item in filter view. To not clear the playlist, ‘queue’ has to be used for each item to add.

    Ill add a setting to remove played items from the playlist on complete.

    It is possible to enable the update setting ‘Auto download last’ which should catch most new podcasts if update runs fairly frequently. However, I’ve had/have some problems with “toast” messages, ‘Update complete, 0 new’, remaining/not being dismissed on the screen after some updates. To clear the message a reboot is required.

    Thanks for your input!

  3. Kevin said

    You’re right about the “auto queue amount” and “auto download last” settings. They work as you describe. I accidentally set “auto queue amount” to 1 and didn’t fully understand “auto download last”. Does “auto download last” download the newest podcast of a feed when a feed update first notices this new podcast? The description in the options wasn’t clear that it did that. I’ll try turning this option on.

    Thanks for considering my suggestions so quickly. I look forward to all your future updates to ACast.

  4. acast said

    Yes, during update the latest item is downloaded if it is not already.


  5. Maruda said

    Hi Acast,
    great tool, i like it more than doggcatcher and beyondpod. extremly fast, simple, easy to use: thats are the ingredients of an successfull software. keep going and please dont put too much options in that beatiful tool, dont make it too fat.
    one think would be nicer: an prettier interface but only if its possible without hurting speed.

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