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ACast 1.0.23 released

Posted by acast on May 12, 2009

Sort by downloaded date.
Auto play video on press item
Filter by feeds in filter dialog
Bug fix: Title with trailing space prevented directory from beeing created.
Minor bug fixes


4 Responses to “ACast 1.0.23 released”

  1. Andrew said

    Hi there,

    Great program — I’m getting an error for a podcast I’m trying to add though. It’s the Savage Love Podcast, and whether I search for it on PodGrove and add it that way, add it as ‘’ or add it as ‘’, I get a mismatched tag error — line 1368 or 2469. Any idea why this is happening?


  2. acast said

    The parser used is a little bit to strict sometimes. I’ll take a look.


  3. acast said

    In release 1.0.24 the parser has been updated to handle a lot more RSS feeds. I tested thestranger feed and it works.


  4. Andrew said

    Awesome! Thank you!

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