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ACast 1.0.25 released

Posted by acast on May 16, 2009

Show last download in download complete notification
Connect/read timeout values (re)set to default.
Dont show download complete notification should work now
Video does not play path check bug fixed
Disk file name may be the same bug fixed.

7 Responses to “ACast 1.0.25 released”

  1. Maruda said

    Hi Mathias,

    it would be fine if you add the possibility of adding pasword protected feed.

    Keep coding 😉

  2. Aaron Griffin said

    Awesome. Just installed ACast after struggling with and hating other podcatchers for Android.

    This is great.

    One issue though is that the searching just seems to blow. For instance, try finding the “BBC Global News” podcast. It’s there, it’s just impossible to find. I ended up typing the URL in manually.

    • acast said

      When entering “bbc global news” I got 116 hits from podgrove. Using the ‘Find in results’ button did not find a match. I then searched for just “bbc” with podgrove and got 116 hits again, when stepping with ‘Find in results’, maybe 15 times, I eventually found an item called “Global News”, with a url, which I assume is the podcast you where looking for. The ‘Find in results’ button searches for the complete sentence case-insensitive in title, url and description of the search results/hits.

      I don’t know right now how to improve the search functionality but Ill give it some thought.

      Thanks for your input!

      • Aaron Griffin said

        Yeah, I had the same experience. I know it’s not really Acast’s domain, as the search is from an unrelated source, but perhaps changing search engines or adding more in a drop-down would be a better idea.

  3. Terry S said

    I think this is the version I had a few weeks ago, I was enjoying it but it started to have issues and it ended up damaging my SD card. All I know is I was trying to download the BS Report with Bill Simmons from when it all went wrong. I have tried formatting my card on my phone since the cupcake update and it does not work. I also cannot get my laptop to read my card anymore. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas to help me would be appreciated.

    • acast said

      No, this is the first time I’ve heard of a problem with the SD-card. What brand/model is it? Did you remove it at the same time as content was downloaded?


      • Terry S said

        I have a 16 gb San Disk Micro SD card. I didn’t remove the card until after my phone stopped being able to read it, so nothing was downloading at the time. My phone did this once before when I had a corrupted music file but I was able to plug it into my laptop and fix the file. But now my laptop won’t even read the card. T-mobile customer support has been no help.

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