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ACast 1.0.46 and 2.0.19 released

Posted by acast on September 16, 2009

Bug fixes:
Storing bookmark and complete fails.

2 Responses to “ACast 1.0.46 and 2.0.19 released”

  1. Kevin said

    Thanks for all your hard work on ACast!

    I have two suggestions:

    1. Can you make the notifications for playback, downloads and maybe even feed updates “ongoing” notifications instead of regular notifications. This is helpful when I have cleared my notifications and want to quickly get back to ACast to pause a podcast.

    2. For the Global Item Limit option, can you add 3 to the list of values? The value 2 might also be a good addition. I let the “delete outdated content” option auto-delete podcasts for me, but I’ve been collecting a lot of podcast feeds lately and keeping 5 episodes of each is eating up space on my SD card. I tend to keep up to date on listening to them, but I sometimes get an episode or two behind, so I don’t want to only keep the newest episode. Keeping 3 would probably be perfect for me. Or maybe you could just make this a text box so any number can be entered (within a reasonable limit).

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