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ACast 1.0.54 and 2.0.27 released

Posted by acast on October 16, 2009

Bug fixes:
– Filter menu fixed
– Minor bug fixes.

17 Responses to “ACast 1.0.54 and 2.0.27 released”

  1. Helena S said

    I’d love to get ACast for my HTC Tattoo, but I can’t find it on Market. It seems to be hidden for phones with smaller screens. Could the next version please be available for Tattoo as well?

  2. alex said

    I would be good if acast would trigger the media scanner when new media files are downloaded so that other applications like the standard music player get informed about new media files.

  3. Steve said

    I’m running 2.0.27 and for the past few days I’ve been getting “Central update service not available” error messages. New podcasts are not being downloaded.

  4. Chris said

    Loving this app. Just got my new Droid. This is looking like something I’ll buy for the low price. Only problem so far: it isn’t retrieving the Scientific Americam podcasts found on It would be fabulous if those worked.

  5. Beno said

    Is there another way to download the free version exept the android market?

    • acast said

      Not for the moment. You can try and download the market app, ACast is also available from there. I haven’t been able to get the appslib app working on my G1 though.


  6. jontheniceguy said

    Hi, I’m getting an error message (something along the lines of “can’t add feed, error: null”) when trying to add the feed at

    Would you be able to check it out for me?

    Thanks, Jon

  7. Scott said

    Really like the app, but I’ve noticed that certain podcast files keep getting downloaded over and over. I’ll look down at the Droid and notice that it’s downloading the same podcast file that has been published for months and I know it’s downloaded many times. Any clues on how to resolve this issue?

    • acast said

      Do you have have auto delete enabled? It’s possible that the update deletes the file and the downloads it again. I’ve done some improvements in the upcoming release which should fix this. Please let me know if this still happens with the next release (3.1.0).


    • acast said

      This should be solved in the latest release. Let me know if that is not the case.


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