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ACast 1.0.55 and 2.0.28 released

Posted by acast on November 24, 2009

– Icon handling improved.
– Backup file: backup.opml.
– Media scan downloaded content.
– Filter menu: Queue all.
– Android 2.0 support.

Bug fixes:
– Minor bug fixes.

7 Responses to “ACast 1.0.55 and 2.0.28 released”

  1. Van said

    Acast work perfectly with my HTC magic before, but after install new released rom that problem is rised. Every time when I press my Bluetooth player button, the default media player is played instead of the ACast player ( I already set ACast as default). Hence, I cannot control Acast with my bluetooth anymore.

    • acast said

      You can try and start the playback manually from ACast then try the bluetooth controller.

      If that does not work you could try and stop the Music player manually by going into Android Settings -> Applications -> Music -> Force stop, and then start playback with ACast and try the bluetooth controls.

      Also check the ACast Setting -> Player -> Headset button.

      That’s all I can think of for now. Let me know if this does not solve the issue.


      • Van said

        Thank you for your reply.
        I have done the test suggested. Headset button is activated, media player forcing stopped and play with Acast by phone. . It still cannot be controlled, hence two player will be played together.

        I supposed the problem is caused by the music player in new rom of HTC magic (like Hero) is customized by HTC, that means it is not default android music player.

  2. Lars A said

    Really nice app,

    as of now I have not found out a way to play oldest pod first. It plays newst first. Not a good flow if you follow a series of pods.

    • acast said

      Currently you have to open filter view and select/filter the specific feed in the filter dialog feed drop down. You can then sort on date descending to list the items in the feed with oldest first.

      If you want to enqueue all items in the playlist by one click you have to set the setting ‘Player’ -> ‘Auto queue amount’ to ‘All’ (default value is 5). If the content is not downloaded and you want to stream it you have to uncheck the setting ‘Download’ -> ‘Download as default’ since a short click on a not downloaded item will start downloading it by default.

      That was a lot to setup for a simple task but at least it is possible 🙂

      Ill probably add a sort in the feed item view which will make it a bit simpler.


  3. Lars A said

    the app is so great and compact.

    Asssume it is a buy-app. My Magic cannot find the Acast2 on markets. Can only find the Acast, but in the text is says that Acast2 is available. I’m on a Swedish SIM.

    • acast said

      It looks like Sweden can’t buy apps yet. If you can see paid apps in the market try looking for ACast2 again, I just changed a setting which may effect the visibility of the app.


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