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ACast & ACastC 3.0.5 released

Posted by acast on January 28, 2010

– Google Reader feed separation.
– Move to top/bottom in playlist view.
– Update monitored directories on update.
– Add directory: custom icon.png can be added.
– Error dialog.
– Search icons.
– Popular feeds.
– Delete all read from feed list view.

Bug fixes:
– Wrong password for protected hangs update.
– Feed sort improved.
– Minor bug fixes.

4 Responses to “ACast & ACastC 3.0.5 released”

  1. Fiber said

    Hi !

    I’m just testing your program, it has very interesting features, the integration with a lot of formats the best of them but i would like to ask about some of them that i have found missing… (I’m using ACastC 3.0.5)

    – There’s any kind of “Pause” Button when you are hearing a Podcast ? Or it’s only via hearset ?
    – There’s any filter to show only the feeds that have unread articles ?

    Thanks a lot for any help.

    • acast said

      Yes, there are navigation buttons at the bottom of each view. The left one is for selecting a different view and the right one is for showing/hiding the player. You can open the filter view with the left button and a pause button is available in the player.

      The regular version of ACast has a more straigtforward user interface but is less compact. You can find it in the Android market by searching for acast.


  2. Tim said

    love the new look on acast, but i’ve had this thing hang several times. also, had to close and reopen after feed refresh in order to get it to start at all

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