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ACast 3.1.13 released

Posted by acast on May 12, 2010

– Play all menu option.
– Possible to delete Google Reader feed in split mode.
– Now downloads latest from each Google Reader sub feed.
– Setting: Player type.

Bug fixes
– Playlist: Clear and delete.
– Minor bug fixes.

4 Responses to “ACast 3.1.13 released”

  1. Michael Wiedmann said

    I’d like to see a menu option like “Play all unread”.

    Thanks for the good work so far!

    • acast said

      There is a ‘Play all’ in the ‘feeds list’ view. This will play all unread audio episodes. The order is per feed and then date.

  2. Lars said

    I’d like to have an option “Delete oldest episode if no space left on device”.

    This way I could simply add all my podcasts, update them and always have the latest episodes without having to manually delete some old episodes before downloading new ones. This way the app gets a install and forget behaviour like the Firefox Update, which just works.

    Some of my podcasts host all there episodes (>3GB), so “Delete outdated” does not work for me.

    Great podcatcher so fare, got default player on my G1 after one day.

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