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ACast 3.1.14 released

Posted by acast on June 7, 2010

– Disable feed (no automatic update and download).
– Menu option ‘Download all’ in playlist.
– Info view mark read menu option.
– Setting: Default startup view.
– Setting: Delete oldest content when SD card is full.

Bug fixes:
– Minor bug fixes.

– Performance improvements.


9 Responses to “ACast 3.1.14 released”

  1. Lee said

    How can I roll back to ver. 3.1.13? The new upgrade has hosed my feeds so I get a force close everytime I press “Feeds” button on the main menu. FYI- Motorola Droid with 2.1.


    P.s. Thanks for the work you do on this. By far the best podcast program out there.

  2. Lee said

    That’s a negative. Now it force closes when opening the program. Does not got to main menu at all.

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