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ACast 3.1.20 released

Posted by acast on June 7, 2010

Bug fixes:
– Category view FC.
– DB upgrade FC.
– Minor bug fixes.

4 Responses to “ACast 3.1.20 released”

  1. Lee said

    FYI – Still getting FC at program start with ver. 3.1.20. I’ve been able to roll back to 3.1.13 and all is well and working.

    • acast said

      Good to hear you were able to roll back. Sorry for any inconvenience. You could try running the acast ‘Store backup’ in 3.1.13, uninstall 3.1.13 and then install 3.1.20, and then the acast ‘Restore backup’.


  2. Michael said

    I have “acast2” installed but can’t find any updates for it. Have you stopped supporting it?

    • acast said

      The latest release was fairly major so I didn’t want to release acast2 right away. acast2 (3.1.20) will be released sometime this week. Thanks

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