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ACast 3.1.21 released

Posted by acast on June 10, 2010

Bug fixes
– Incoming call does not pause playback.
– Filter on Google Reader feeds.
– Database upgrade bug.
– Feed item list title wrong.
– Headset functionality for Android 2.2.
– Refresh on orientation change.
– Minor bug fixes.

4 Responses to “ACast 3.1.21 released”

  1. Terrence John said

    Hey! Great app! One thing: can you do a little more work on the Player UI? Especially the seeker bar

  2. plc said


    Is anyone else having trouble downloading podcasts while the phones display is turned off? It seems that acast doesn’t correctly prohibit wifi from going to powersave..

    But otherwise, great app 🙂

    Btw, do you have some preffered way to receive bug reports?

  3. acast said

    I prefer a comment on the blog or email.

    Thank you

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