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ACast 3.1.23 released

Posted by acast on June 17, 2010

Bug fixes

  • ACast not visible for Android 1.5 and 1.6 users in Android Market.

16 Responses to “ACast 3.1.23 released”

  1. Lars said

    Wow, this app has a really fast development. Amazing!

    Two things:

    1. Feed on Site with untrusted SSL Certificate
    A friend of mine hosts his blog on his own server. The Blog is only available via HTTPS and the server uses a self signed certificate. When adding the RSS Feed to Acast I get an error “not trusted server certificate”.

    Would be grade to have a dialog box to manually say “yes I trust this certificate” instead of just an error. This very certificate should then be remembered and trusted in the future. This works with K-9, so there should be some sample code around.

    2. I found a Bug:
    Enable Categories. Go to Feeds. Hit Back Button on G1. Now you get to the Desktop of Android.

    When I enter Acast again the Feeds are listed again in Categories, so I am locked in the Feeds Menu.

    Workaround is to kill Acast with Taskiller.

    BTW: Thanks for adding my requested feature!

    Before I leave, just one more thing which would make Acast the most feature rich and innovative Player/Podcaster EVER:
    Twitter the song name you are currently listening to. And the play time of the song when you tweeted it. Adding a #listening or #Acast 😉

  2. acast said

    1) I’ve added the untrusted certificate issue to the todo list. The fix will probably be to always accept untrusted certificates.

    2) I’ll fix that in the next release. As a workaround you can swipe left on the screen to go back to the main menu (or right to go to filter).

    Actually ACast had twitter functionality at some point in time but I removed it since I don’t think it was used that much. How would you like it to work? Where/how would you trigger a tweet?

    Thank you!

    • Lars said

      1) Trusting untrusted certificates by default is bad security. I suggest leaving the default behavior as it is now and adding an option or something a user has to explicitly enable before untrusted certificates are accepted. (The security guy inside of me: Thanks)

      2) Swiping is cool. Apple style. But there is no hint that Acast recognizes swiping… Usability issue somehow. But I have no idea for a solution.

      3) Here is my use case: I unlock the screen, go to the Android notification bar, select Acast entry. Acast comes up and displays the player. I click the Twitter button (replace the stop button with the Twitter button, as stop has nearly the same functionality as the pause button). A Textarea is displayed where I can type in my text. The Textarea already contains the song name and the current play time. I send the tweet and the player is displayed again.

      I think it would be useful to have some more information pre filled into the message:
      – A Link in the Twitter message to the audio file could also be a good idea.
      – A default configurable Tag like #music would be nice.

  3. Adrian said

    Would it be possible to include a legend for the application icons in the app. Also, there are several images on your site which are not loading, in particular the app icons in your help section. I mention this because, I’m still not clear on what each icon means.

  4. b said

    This app shreds. Thx so much

    One thing I notices in comments on previous release was that you would be working on BY headset disconnect pause. Any luck on that?

    This is the only thing that keeps from being in cast while driving. I make lots of stops and having to pause each time my pioneer stereo disconnects. Thx again

    • b said

      Wow lots of autocorrects that were not right in there…..that is supposed to be BT headset disconnect between my Evo and pioneer car stereo. Thx

      • acast said

        I use the car stereo buttons to play/pause/rewind/forward over BT, but I still have to press pause before I turn off the car.

        I started working on ‘pause on BT headset disconnect’ but I believe there wasn’t an official way of implementing it. I’ll take another look.


  5. Lee said

    Suddenly, I’m having problems playing video files. I’ve deleted and redownloaded files, same error. I’ve deleted cache and data, still same problem. Has anyone else having this problem?

  6. Gonza said

    I have Samsung Galaxy S. How to setup your program to save podcasts into external SD card? This phone have internal 8Gb of memory. But I install SD card and want save podcasts into this card.

  7. Hudson said

    For the next update would you be whiling to have the menu button, which is visible on all sub menus (feeds, playlists,filters…), simply redirect users to the main menu? That’s what its already doing right now anyway; when pressed it shows a pop up of the contents of the main menu. This way the UI would be a little less disjointed and much clearer.

    • acast said

      I’m working on some changes regarding the player and menu button (in the list views). I’ll try and make it easier to get back to the main menu.


  8. Matt Volatile said

    Feature request: Lock Item (to prevent automatic deletion). I have auto-delete old items on, but have one or two older podcast series which I’d like to keep on the device…

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