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ACast 3.1.25 released

Posted by acast on August 16, 2010


  • Navigation/home button now clears navigation history.
  • Setting: Navigation button opens popup menu on click.
  • Delete Google Reader feed in split mode.

Bug fixes

  • Back button issue.
  • Open with episode in external app (finally).
  • Minor bug fixes.

15 Responses to “ACast 3.1.25 released”

  1. sophware said

    I hit you up on twitter but got no answer. I bought ACast a while ago and have always gotten updates. Right now, I’m at 3.1.23. How do I get up to 3.1.25? If I “install” (rather than “update”), will I lose my key or authorization or whatever it is? I don’t want to have to pay again. Thanks in advance.

  2. B said

    After this update, I now have doubles of most of my feeds. Any idea why? Should I just delete the extra copies or will they come back? I should also note that the doubles and the originals both updated with new podcasts.

  3. B said

    Regarding my previous comment: I think my double feeds might have been due to my Google feeds, since a podcast I just added wasn’t doubled, and was never one ny Google feed list.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled Acast, which got rid of the duplicate feeds, but now none of the icons show up. I checked the folders of each podcast, and they all still have their icon.png files, but Acast isn’t displaying them.

  4. B said

    Ok, the icons just reappeared. Don’t know why, I had closed and restarted Acast a lot in hopes that they’d show up. So they finally did, but I don’t know if that’s why. Anyway, looks like all is back to normal.

    • acast said

      Good. Might have been a caching issue or a bug. If you kill acast with the application manager and then start it up it should try and read the icons from the sd-card. Thanks

  5. Tony said

    Hi. i just updated acast and now it doesnt work anymore

    everytime i start it, it goes to a forceclose loop but tries to stay in the app (the background is black and notification bar is visible). to leave the FC loop i hit HOME after clicking on “force close”.

    it might also be the august 14th update since i havent updated acast this month yet.

    is there a way to remove the update from my system or download the older APK?



    • Tony said

      by the way im using a motorola milestone

    • acast said

      I believe you have to do a re-install. A rollback would require a re-install as well so you might as well install the latest version. There is an older version of acast available in the (Archos) store (ACast 3.1.20).

      A list of your current feeds should be available on the SD-card, /sdcard/acast/backup.opml.

      Let me know if a reinstall wont fix it.


      • Tony said

        mhm i reinstalled and it works. i selected to import local OPML but it said there is none although there are 2 opml files in the directory (backup.opml and acast.opml). i then chose to “restore backup” and hope it restores all the feeds i had before reinstall

        wish me luck

      • acast said

        The ‘Import local OPML’ reads the content from the file /sdcard/acast/acast.opml. You can copy the backup.opml file to acast.opml file and then run ‘Import local OPML’ to import the backed up feeds.

        Let me know how it goes, and good luck! 🙂

      • Tony said

        the backup.opml was newer than acast.opml (renamed them etc) but its still a 2month old dump. gotta check the folders in the filesystem and look for every feed newer than 2 months all over again. moreover i gotta mark many episodes as read. this is a whole load of work.
        u know, i didnt expect that i had to reinstall after an update. and if this is unavoidable from the developers side, then i advice you to make a weekly mandatory backup to a file. that would have saved a load of time

      • acast said

        Sorry to hear that you lost a lot of feed data. The update should not require a reinstall. I will write a FAQ post that it is recommended to do a ‘Store Backup’ before each update.

        The OPML files only contains the feed URLs and not the user data, like completed, bookmark and so forth. The backup.opml file is only updated when a feed is added from the ‘Add’ view. The ‘Store backup’ option will store information about all feeds, episodes and settings to /sdcard/acast/acastbackup.xml.

        There’s a menu option for marking all episodes read in the ‘Feed’ and ‘Filter’ view per feed or filter which might simplify things.

      • Tony said

        thanks man. i appreciate you being so helpful

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