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New release and web site

Posted by acast on March 28, 2011

New release and web site:

2 Responses to “New release and web site”

  1. Tom Cerul said

    Thanks for the highspeed playback! It does chew up the available processor time but it’s really nice to be able to listen to slower talkers at my own pace.

    There’s a small bug where if one listens at high speed (say 1.5x) to something on the playlist, when one podcast ends, Acast correctly continues to the next. The bug causes playback to stop a few seconds into the second podcast. This may or may not be proportionally timed according to how long the previous podcast was playing at high speed.

    I know it won’t be easy to work into the UI but I’d like the fast play feature to be more accessible. When I listen to BBC content, the normal speaker enunciates so clearly that 2x playback is fine. Then they’ll switch to a non-native English speaker for one minute and 1x speed is necessary.

    Thanks for the new feature!

  2. sz said

    The best podcast app on Android in my opinion. It does however has some problem dealing with encodings/non-english characters.

    One example:

    This feed looks fine in Listen, Hapi Podcast and Google Reader, but looks garbled in Acast.



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