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ACast, a podcast player for Android



  • Only Wifi download
  • Only download content when connected to a Wireless network.

  • Only Wifi stream
  • Only stream content when connected to a Wireless network.

  • Only Wifi update
  • Only update content when connected to a Wireless network.


  • Scheduled feed update
  • Select how often ACast should try to update your feeds

  • Auto download last
  • During update of all feeds, download the latest media content from each feed.

  • Delete outdated content
  • Delete downloaded content, which has been removed from the published feed, during update.

  • Global item limit
  • Limit all feeds to a maximum number of items.

  • No complete notification
  • Don’t show update complete notification after each scheduled update.


  • Delete played content
  • When a downloaded media item is played/completed it is removed from the sdcard.

  • Resume opening player
  • When opening the player, usually with the ‘Player’ button in the main menu, latest item in playlist is resumed.

  • Auto queue amount
  • When pressing an audio media item in the filter view or feed item view, the selected ‘auto queue amount’ of following items are queued in the play list.

  • Forward/Rewind time
  • Time in seconds to skip forward/backward when using the player skip buttons.

  • Resume/pause with headset
  • Enables resume/pause by pressing the headset button.

  • Resume after call
  • Resume the media content which was paused on an incoming call when call ends.

  • Playlist default player
  • Use the playlist as the default player.

  • Repeat playlist
  • Start playing the first item in the play list when play list is complete.

  • Don’t show player on click
  • Don’t show player when starting playback of an audio item.

  • Remove completed from playlist
  • When an item is completed it is removed from the play list.


  • Download as default
  • Instead of streaming non-downloaded items they are added to the downloading queue.

  • White theme
  • Use white theme instead of default dark theme (EXPERIMENTAL: does not work on all Android versions).


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