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ACast, a podcast player for Android


ACast is a podcast player for Android.

ACast is available in a compact format, ACastC, and a bigger format, ACast.

twitter: acastapp


  • Stream/download audio/video casts
  • Feed update notification server
  • Scheduled updates of feeds
  • Ability to limit update, download and streaming of content to wifi only
  • Pause/Resume player on/after incoming call
  • Pause/Resume player by pressing head set button
  • Video player
  • Playlist
  • Advanced filtering with configurable buttons
  • Bookmark per item
  • Web page monitoring
  • Password protected feed support
  • Sleep timer/alarm
  • Widget: play/pause
  • Widget: current track



4 Responses to “About”

  1. ndg said


    Love acast2, but how does the Acast server work? I noticed that it only updates some feeds,but sometimes it wont connect to the update server. What’s going on here?

    Thanks again for your great work, and I was happy to pay for an app i can’t do without.

    • acast said

      The Acast server only check for changes in feeds/web pages. Some feeds are updated each time they are read, this is why some feeds are always parsed by Acast. I might implement a feed parser for the Acast server in the future to prevent this.

      I’ve had some problems with the Acast server process stopping polling the feeds. This should be fixed from yesterday.


  2. Tony said

    I am not sure what is the correct place to enter the following. It usually ends up as a reply to someone else’s question:

    I was listening to “Over the Bounding Main” from Suspense Replay. A short way into the second half it suddenly stopped and then started playing some completely unrelated podcast. I killed all applications, went back in, started it again and kept hitting FORWARD until I get back where I was but then at the same place it happened again.

    I did do a download. The icon shows a circle with a yellow arrow pointing up on the left and a green arrow pointing down on the top right which I believe means it downloaded OK. So what is wrong? It is a problem with the player? Is the recording incomplete? Will it happen to to other things I try to listen to? I am able to hear completely about 90% of stuff I listen too, but sometimes there are glitches like this. Lastly, I want to hear the rest of this story. What shall I do?

  3. tarekahf said

    Thanks a lot for developing ACast. It is working fine. However, I like to report this issue. I tested the PM PrepCast Free Version (multimedia for PMP Exam Preparations) which comes in a Podcast format. It worked fine on my Droid 2. But, I had to set Player Type to “External” so that the High-Resolution video is not trucated. But, the downloaded version worked fine with the MP4 player of the device.

    Later, I purchased the full version of the High Resolution PM PrepCast. Now, all videos are playing only with audio from ACast. But, the downloaded version is working fine using the built-in player of the device.

    I hope you can help me to resolve this matter.


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