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ACast 1.0.29 released

Posted by acast on June 16, 2009

Show next scheduled update.
Faster full update.
Support Podcast Search Service.
Filter on partial.
Filter on favorite.
Feed item info view updated.

Playlist clear completed force close.
RSS2 parse length.
Bluetooth media button skips 30 seconds ahead.
White theme now works.

ACast2 is available in the market. Only difference is that there are three programmable filter buttons in the filter view.


11 Responses to “ACast 1.0.29 released”

  1. Harold said

    Congratulations for your work, this is a very good application.
    The current release seems to be technically good, but there is one problem : design

    I think icons are a bit too big (during “updating feeds” or making the stream connected for example) and not so nice…

    Ps : Contact me if you want me to translate the application into french

    • acast said

      What type of phone are you using?

      Yes, the design is lacking, Do you think it would be enough to just scale the notification images down so there are 2 pixels of margin around them?

      Any design ideas are highly appreciated 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Aaron Griffin said

        I agree the icons feel too bulky.

        I’m not a designer, but maybe switching to “flat” icons would help with this, in addition to shrinking them a tad

  2. Harold said

    I am using a HTC Magic (G2) with a french operator called SFR (vodafone-friendly).

    Down scaling would be great to make the images fit the standard size (like the battery icon or the signal icon).

    The “playing bar” of the player is too big, too (it is taller than the guideline), whereas the “playing bar” fits better to the guideline in the playlist.

    Still with the player, buttons are very big, and it could be interesting to make more room for the informations about the podcast (date? two lines for the title? subtitle?) instead of these big buttons.

    Again, you did a great job !

  3. Ear said

    having a feed issue with this feed:
    some reason, the last two weekly updates only show the text for the post but don’t see/download the associated mp3

    • acast said

      I added the feed and the enclosed mp3s seem to download just fine. I downloaded 20.06.09. All items seem to have correct mp3 urls.


      • ear said

        Odd, last 3 podcasts just show the podcast as a text document and won’t download the mp3. Guess I’ll try deleting and readding it.

  4. Hi there, just wanted to let you know I’ve not got a problem picking up the feed but actually downloading content doesn’t work.

    Also, if the download of content fails because of a loss of network connectivity, then it’ll still show the notification block (down arrow in Green/White) – I suspect there’s a try/catch block that’s being missed for some reason 😦

    Great Job & Thanks!


  5. Aaron Griffin said

    I see you’re following BBC World News now… interesting that that was an example I gave regarding searching for feeds 🙂


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