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ACast 1.0.37 and 2.0.10 released

Posted by acast on July 8, 2009

Auto queue downloaded audio in playlist setting.
RDF support (Please send me any RDF feeds that does not work).
Authorization/login support (Please let me know if the authorization mechanism fails for a specific site. Tested with twitter and OWA exchange).
Rate feed (not very useful for the moment unless for sorting feeds in a specific way).

Bug fixes:
Feed info DiskUsage bug fixed.
Better content type detection.


4 Responses to “ACast 1.0.37 and 2.0.10 released”

  1. jr said

    Having problems loading the cell phone junkie podcast. Thanks.

  2. I subscribed to the Man Show Video and Discovery video and neither one will play once downloaded.

    • acast said

      The G4 video podcasts (e.g. The Man Show) format is not supported on Android. The Discovery videos seem to have the same problem.

      Revision3 video podcasts (Diggnation, Scam school…) recently changed their video format to a format which Android does not support. Revision3 is aware of this but has not corrected this yet to my knowledge.

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