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ACast 3.2.3 released

Posted by acast on December 16, 2010

Bug fixes

  • Playlist bug could cause acast to hang.
  • Minor bug fixes.


2 Responses to “ACast 3.2.3 released”

  1. Ben Lewis said

    My bluetooth headset play/pause, FF, and RW buttons no longer work with ACAst as of 3.2.3. I think the event is being delivered to ACast since the music player isn’t starting and the screen switches back from the green screensaver to the normal display in the Clock app (docked) when I press the headset button. If I start playback from the player, I do hear it in the headset but am unable to control it. Controls work fine in the built-in music player app.

    Also, I had to disable the Auto shutdown feature to get it to keep playing in the background (I expected it to realize that it’s not idle if it’s playing a podcast and keep running). The Auto shutdown problem may have crept in with version 3.2.2 — I had a lot of problems keeping the podcast playing in the background with that version but I didn’t know about the Auto shutdown option.

    ACast 3.2.3 with ACastKey on Nexus One running Froyo/2.2.1

    • acast said

      I’ll fix the headset button issue and will start working on the auto shutdown issue, for some reason I don’t have this issue on my Nexus One. Thanks for the detailed info!

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