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ACast 3.1.12 released

Posted by acast on May 5, 2010

– Setting: Use big player.

Bug fixes
– Some feed items not displayed in info view.
– Playlist: Clear and delete force close bug.
– Quick help stored locally.

– Google Reader feed requires a full update.

4 Responses to “ACast 3.1.12 released”

  1. Jeff Fate said

    Hey – Love the app, but I found a bug when using A2DP. When I lose bluetooth connection with my headset, the audio continues playing but on the speaker. The design in other android apps is to have the music/audio pause when this happens, just like what happens when you unplug wired headphones (which works as expected).

    • Jeff Fate said

      Nevermind, just found that setting…

      But, I noticed when I toggle the “Headset Button” option, it crashes the app.

      • acast said

        When changing the headset button setting the app closes, this is not a force close but required by Android for acast not to receive the headset button events from then on.

    • acast said

      I don’t think acast pauses on bluetooth headset disconnect. I’ve started implementing that but not finalized it.

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