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ACast 3.2.0 released

Posted by acast on November 24, 2010


  • Automatic update scheduling improved.
  • Widget graphics updated.
  • Feeds grid view.
  • Alarm view.
  • Setting: Disable tabbed UI.
  • Feeds: Sort by category.

Bug fixes:

  • Playlist: Move to top bug fix.
  • Category filter bug fix.
  • Sleep end of month bug fix.
  • Minor bug fixes.



2 Responses to “ACast 3.2.0 released”

  1. Kenneth Standley said

    I wish you offered a primer on the functions of your software (ACast). I have an interest in podcasts but have not been able get the hang of an app that enables me to easily sign up and listen to podcasts of interest to me.

  2. ENOTTY said

    Hi. In the notification drawer, when a podcast is playing, there’s now two entries in the drawer: “Acast is active” and the “Playing” entry. How do I turn it off so that there’s only one entry? I can’t seem to find anything related in the Settings. Thanks.

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