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ACast & ACastC 3.0.6 released

Posted by acast on February 1, 2010

– Setting to split google reader feed.
– Disable media button improved.

Bug fixes:
– Problem loading Feed list view.
– Problem loading images in Add view.
– Minor bug fixes.

16 Responses to “ACast & ACastC 3.0.6 released”

  1. sam said

    Here is a feed that consistently shows up as 54 months old even though it was updated within the last week:

    I’ve tried removing and readding the feed. This problem has persisted from Android 1.5 to Android 1.6. Any ideas?

    • acast said

      I have that feed as well and it shows 54 months old. I’ll fix it in the next release.


      • sam said

        Awesome! Did you have a chance to look at another bug I emailed you about? Whenever I try to stream certain feeds I get a media exception error creating media player for this file. I can download and then play the file, but I cannot stream it.

        An example feed is CNet’s buzz out loud.

  2. Wesley said

    Just updated to this new version of Acast and sorting feeds by size doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  3. Jonathan said

    New to Acast – like the concept and the look – and downloads succeeded after a little direct encouragement, but can’t help feeling a widget is needed. Beyondpod’s one is actually very useful in daily use. Maybe I missed earlier posts explaining why there isn’t one!

  4. Michael said


    I’m referring to Acast 3.1.1 but since this version is yet missing in this blog, I’m writing in here.
    Since the latest update, I notice that my former “ACast” application has been renamed to “Update only ACast”.
    Since then, the application can’t be launched anymore (it’s in the application menu but Android reports that it is missing when I try to launch it).
    Also, I tried installing the new “ACast” application (seems to be the former free version), but it misses all my settings and podcasts.

    – michael

    • acast said

      Is “Update only ACast” displayed on the phone? You probably have to re-add the shortcut by removing it and then add it again from the Android application menu.

      You do not have to install another version of ACast, the variant of ACast you are using will still receive updates.

      I just wrote a post regarding the latest release.

      Sorry for any inconvenience.

      • Michael said

        Yes that is displayed. Will my settings be preserved if I remove it and install it again?

      • acast said

        You have to use the store backup functionality if your doing a reinstall and want to preserve the settings and feed data. ‘Add/Manage’ -> “forth button” -> ‘Store Backup’ this stores a backup file on the SD card. After a reinstall you can restore feeds and settings by selecting the ‘Restore Backup’ menu option.

        I’m not sure a reinstall will fix the issue though. I’ve renamed the apps in the market. Let me know if this does not solve the issue. If you can wait I’ll release a new version tonight so you don’t have to go the backup route.

      • Michael said

        OK, worked now. I still cannot run the application from the launcher, but when I open it from within the market application, it works. So I assume there is still some bug with “Acast paid” (which is displayed as the name right now).

      • acast said

        Weird, it should work when opening the app from the main/home Android application launcher. Any previous shortcut may point to an incorrect “activity” but when removing it and then adding the shortcut again it should work.

        Can you try restarting the phone? I know the shortcut image may not be updated correctly until after a restart.

      • Michael said

        Great, restarting the phone solved the problem for me. Thank you!

  5. Matt Volatile said

    Weird bug – starting a new file often only plays the first few seconds, before stopping. Full reboot of phone, or force close using TaskKiller, is required to make the file playable.

    Also: what happened to the “Share” functions?

    • acast said

      What kind of phone do you have? Can you try a re-install of acast?

      I’ll re-add the share functions in the next release.


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